Shaping Structures

by Ascension

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Chris Erised Giacca
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Chris Erised Giacca The only thing more sickening than the sheer compositional and technical proficiency on display is that the exponents were all of 16 years old when it was written and performed. Sounds like Born Of Osiris when they still had riffs. Favorite track: Shaping Structures.
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released October 9, 2013

Music written by Ascension.
Lyrics by George Hadnett.
Recorded and produced by Aidan Barton and Ascension at Sovereign Studios. Mixed and mastered by Aidan Barton at Sovereign Studios.
Logo by BH Design.
Album artwork by Ryan Felton.



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Ascension Perth, Australia

Ascension (Ex-Countess By My Side) are a 6-piece metal act based in Perth, Western Australia. Their debut album 'Shaping Structures' is available now on Bandcamp and iTunes!

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Track Name: Traces
The waiting to breathe from all this helpless damnation
The clouds are building darkened days to come
Upon our annihilation
To take over another ones say
I won't follow - Nor will I lead
I'll face this alone
Brainwashing that's lead us to choke
All that was believed is now a hoax
Track Name: Resist The Void
This evolution has begun but we won't listen
Following the remains of devotion
Resist the void

There's no belief - They hide themselves from reality
Minds contempt in helpless erosion to resist the void

But I refrain from my own decisions to become a number
To be slaved

Hold the reflective actions

Reflective actions
Exile the nation
Get down and crawl

So they came to conquer because we don't follow their ways
Bound by a page putting others to disgrace
Realise and prevent the damnation

Falling into agreement of forbearance
Giving into containment
Give up

Realisation to overcome
The abolishment that chained us down
Mongered in hatred
Imprisoned at bay facing the shutters
Coming as one

Recognize the embracement
Reflective Actions

Exile the nation
Who to believe
Exile the nation
Track Name: Foreboding
Fists of judgement
Always carried fury
Into the mind works
Unaware of detriment for a higher wealth
Ruling over what can't be tamed
Sending the pleaded spirit into a world of its own shame

Years turned to haze as the dream spread
Creating worlds of reigning misery
Battling Positivity
Surmounting surroundings of fear tales darkly hidden away
To rain upon those who are set for despair

There were never any roads to choose as it's all a big game

Driving a vortex to sweep up such innocence
Being frowned against
There's an ultimate supremacy

Demanding a change for the ruins ahead
Showering from tombstones to come
Bewaring the nightmares
Haunting the foreseen

Falling to mist feeling the drift being pulled away
From the grip of being saved
There's no atmosphere

Transforming like an anarchistic machine
To gladiate and win over the mirage of belief
Track Name: Obscuration
Descendent towers started off the flaw
Plundering to suffocate and cause
Simple price to pay for lies fed
Overwhelming greed with fools to be lead
Turn the saw
Cutting away the hope for all

Climbing the lies to an entrance
Thinking they will end up free
Tales of myths prepare infants
They give their lives for such vanity
Creating foul belief
That there's a higher source
Stealing the wealth and deceiving the poor
Cults to brainwash all in life's power
Secretly forming a useless throne
Darkening energies block the promised light
No space to hide while being torn inside
Throw away what was had and bury the past
Let go of conscience there's no fighting fate
Soon to be a page of history
Confraternity's mystery
Helplessly chased by despair
Judgement decides who will live or die

Following implantations to fit the norm
Forever in debt reigning them in fortune
Track Name: Shaping Structures
We need to shape a way out
Trapped beneath currents in
This endless fight
It's hard enough bonding with a tide

Wasting all this time to be mislead
Can't find myself - I still pretend
Raise the courage to fend a path
Liberate against worlds of mayhem
Building the strength to defect
Training armies so hopelessly dissident

Another war to break the pieces
Cellular walls to prevent release

Haunting our conscience we mindlessly follow

Statues of saints crumble away
No monuments to pray for ending this age
Hiroshimical craters will choke our respiration
This battle was lost long before the extinguish

Self-immolation will make us victorious
Occultation slips into our fears
Losing sight of presence that lured those here

Prisons of the mind
Become one

Left without chance
Becoming insecure
Shading the fades
Distorting visions

All that's left to live for

What's chosen now is done
A Conflict postponed has begun
There's no infantry to defend
Roads leading out have come to an end
Track Name: A Company Of Spiders
A poison in my vein runs so cold
Forthcoming helpless and depraved in shame
Calling a vengeance
Arise when suns down
Controlled by rays grasping in
While watching the shore disappear

Anchoring chained piece by piece
The end of this great fossil bearing alone
This sea reflects self infliction
Carving a sustained scar of what's left

Taking me for this granted redemption
Ending the fall - I am breathless
Spun funneled and enclosed
Weathered away
Raising the dead
I am breathless
Blinded by signs

Pleading the freedom from this life
To turn back now wouldn't change the chance

Leading to the infection
Guilt surrounds earth
The seas run dry - A drought in time

Spreading unease we must create a disease
I feel the chance to leave
Changing belief
My savior has broken

This has lead us away
Arise when suns down
Controlled by rays grasping in
I'm watching the shore dissappear
Track Name: The Restoration
The turn of treason
Answering to those who called
Exiled to obscurity
Restoring ourselves
Back to a cherished state
Re-Creating paths leading escape

This air once reclined to freeze
Washing up inanimate disease
Ruins now holding us down
Fossilized and discrete

Rise above the conspire
Return to the start of this life

Losing the final fight for vengeance
Left without strength to carry on
I'm buried under the eye
With my soul still in sight
Hours spent scratching at walls
They're caving in
Climbing step by step escaping this fucking disease

An ambience fills the perimeter
The deceased know it's here

Gears start turning unlocking new air
The destruction long forgotten is finally near
I've wasted all this time suffering until end
Once this is through my violence won't comprehend

Rise above the conspire and return to the start of this life
This isn't living
We're all parted from our own minds
Blinded so easily
They can't see what's right

Infiltrate the decision that caused this to begin
Recommence mayhem but this time on them
Hope was within the burning we just needed to crawl through the smoke